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LOVE LOVE LOVE!! The company sent a little email that has some poses to get me started and it really helped! I have used this wheel SO much. It helps with many stretches, poses, and stabilization. It is really sturdy so you don't have to worry about it bending or anything as you are using it. Seriously though, get it! The picture I posed is my first time trying this pose with the wheel. I had never even come close to that before without it!

- Emma


 St. Paul, MN

This yoga wheel is whoa.

This yoga wheel is whoa. It allowed me to attempt (and succeed) king pigeon on the first try---something I definitely wouldn't try without the wheel. I was immediately happy with the puchase when I laid back onto it; this feels very supportive and is covered with a spongy tread that doesn't feel uncomfortable against the spine. It is fantastic for a "restorative" fish pose and so much more sturdy than using the highest side of a block. Tie your hair up in a bun on top of your crown though or you'll catch and roll over a pony tail.

- HelloKitteh


 St. Paul, MN

Back pain nearly gone!

I have chronic back pain. Pain every second for the last 17 years. I have had 3 surgeries, tons of physical therapy, and tried countless gadgets promising pain relief...without relief.I received this yoga wheel and I immediately did a backbend. I got up and 90% of my pain was gone!! I now use it 2 to 3 times a day and my back hasn't felt this good in 17 years!!! I feel like I have a new life! I am so happy that I purchased this!

- A. Moran


 St. Paul, MN

Quality Product

An amazingly well-made product. It is sturdy and beautiful. I ended up having to return it because the outside measurements the circle are closer to 13" and the width closer to 5.5". I'm petite and that little bit made a difference in my ability to use it. The instructions they provide are not very detailed and you might want to download some instructions from YouTube. I received an email from their customer congratulating me on my purchase which was a nice touch. Seems like a great company. I am so sorry I couldn't use it. A quality product from a company devoted service and the price is AMAZING. I think this is a better made product than the one that most people are familiar with that costs $100 more. This is a great buy. 

- Born to Read


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