What is a Yoga Wheel & 7 Reasons Why Yogi’s Use Them

What is a Yoga Wheel & 7 Reasons Why Yogi’s Use Them

I know your wondering what is a yoga wheel…you’ve heard all about it and now want to learn more.

The yoga wheel is the newest prop in yoga that allows you to improve your stretch, challenge your balance and help relieve your back pain.

It’s the latest craze in the yoga industry that add can add an element of excitement to your yoga routine.

It it used in various yoga positions such as the handstand, forearm stand, wheel pose and much more. It’s an amazing yoga prop to add to your arsenal of yoga gear whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi!

When you first look at the yoga wheel, it would be hard to imagine why would anyone spend any amount of dollars on this circular object. However, as more people have become aware of the benefits of the yoga wheel, it’s popularity has increasingly grown and yogi’s everywhere are now wanting to have the best yoga wheel that is available out in the market!

Now that we’ve explained what is a yoga wheel for you…lets now dive into what the yoga wheel is used for.

Listed below are Top 7 Reasons that people use the yoga wheel for that make it such an amazing prop.

1.  Relieves Back Pain

Relieving upper and lower back pain is one of the main reasons why people purchase the yoga wheel in the first place. It does this by massaging your back through the rolling motion of going up and down going along the length of your spine deeply but also in a safe effective way. It’s sure to work out some kinks and may even give you a good back crack!

These types of back stretches can certainly aid in relieving some muscular back pain and tension.

2.  Enhances Balance

Aside from aiding your dull achy back pain, the yoga wheel can also enhance your balance. Balancing yoga poses on the ground are already tricky by themselves, but the next time you do your plank, crane, squat, tree pose or even toe stand, you could try the poses with the use of the yoga wheel. Using this amazing prop in your yoga sequences can improve your form by focusing the pressure points located in your feet and hands to improve their strength. It works by providing the support that your body needs when attempting balancing poses during your yoga sequences.

3. Deepens Your Asanas

To move deeper into your asanas, especially those that require you to do stretch your back and open up your chest, the yoga wheel is just perfect. When you try these yoga moves with the yoga wheel, poses such as the camel pose, wheel, and king cobra become much more possible. Just place it on your back and let your spine simply curl over the wheel.

4.  Improves Flexibility

Another reason the yoga wheel is so popular is that it also has an amazing effect of being able to open up your chest, spine, back, hips and shoulders, which can in turn naturally improve your flexibility. You’ll be able to stretch and hold knowing your supported by the wheel and can give you the confidence to slightly push you out of your flexibility comfort zone.

5.  Tones Your Body

Holding yoga poses for any mount of time means muscular work. The use of the yoga wheel will make you use muscles you didn’t even know you had. You’ll have fun getting a workout, burn those calories, and strengthen your whole body all in one.

7.  Spices Up Your Yoga Routine

Practicing your yoga routine can sometimes become a little repetitive and boring. Adding this prop can give your yoga routines a little bit of excitement and variety that it has been lacking lately. Yoga should be fun and you shouldn’t be afraid to switch it up once in a while.

Now that we have answered what is a yoga wheel and it’s uses…

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