Top 7 Yoga Swing Benefits Explained

Top 7 Yoga Swing Benefits Explained

Yoga isn’t just a good workout – it’s a way of life.  For thousands of years now yogis all over the globe have been practicing the various asanas (poses) and learning about the philosophy that is yoga.  The practice has evolved in many ways over the years (especially recently), inviting new modalities and props that are designed to help us find that “goldilocks” spot in all poses.  You know the one – not too intense, but still feeling a stretch.  It has to be juuuuust right. 

While many people mistakenly view props as a sort of crutch, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  In reality, the sign of a true yogi is one who listens to their body, practices smart body awareness, and uses props in a supportive and beneficial way.  There is no ego here.

From blocks and bolsters to straps and sandbags, there are a wide range of yoga-specific props out there today, allowing you to find the ones that are valuable to your own practice.   Another prop that you may not be as familiar with (yet!) is the Yoga Swing. 

Designed by yogis with the intention of providing support and enhancing the practice itself, if you haven’t tried a yoga swing yet, you’re missing out!  There are many benefits to using a yoga swing in your practice (more on that later!), but the fact of the matter is that it is a unique and versatile prop that encourages mobility and strength.

“…it is a unique and versatile prop that encourages mobility and strength.”

Many people outside of the yoga world do not realize this, but injuries are quite common amongst yoga practitioners.  This is often due to improper alignment and the failure to use supportive props.  Lower back pain, in particular, is a common problem amongst yogis and the general population alike. For many, back pain can be debilitating.  However, instead of steering clear of any type of exercise, those with back pain should consider yoga (certain postures, of course).   When done with the aid of a Yoga Swing, for example, those with low back pain may find sweet relief and a welcomed, beneficial solution.

“Low back pain, in particular, is a common problem amongst yogis and the general population alike…”

For both beginner and advanced practitioners alike, many poses can be scary and intimidating, such as backbends and inversions.  This is due to the fact that we are asking our body to move in a way that is out of the norm.  No matter how many years you have practiced yoga, certain poses may always be tough for you, and that’s OK.   We all have our favorite poses and those we also tend to steer clear of, but you should ask, what good are you doing yourself if you shy away from the challenges (both on the mat and in life) that take you outside of your comfort zone?  If for no other reason (OK, there are a lot of other reasons), this is why you should incorporate those intimidating postures into your daily practice.   With the help of the yoga swing, perfecting your backbends and inversions becomes a much more attainable goal.

“With the help of the Yoga Swing, perfecting your backbends and inversions becomes a much more attainable goal."

With all this in mind, let’s look at Top 7 Benefits of using an UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing

1.  Builds Muscle Strength

The Yoga Swing helps practitioners build a specific type of muscle strength needed for those sometimes-difficult poses.  The weight-bearing ability of the Yoga Swing allows yogis to focus on building strength, without worrying about holding yourself up.

2.  Helps with Inversions

One of the top reasons for using a Yoga Swing is that it can make a major difference in how you practice inversions.  There are many benefits to inversions on their own (improves circulation, can be calming or invigorating, strengthens upper body, improves digestion, etc), and when you add in the assistance of a Yoga Swing, these benefits can multiply.  With it’s added support you can get into an inversion much easier.   You can allow gravity to do all the work to help realign your entire body.

3.  Support in Backbends

Backbends. You either love ‘em or you dread ‘em.  For many, backbends can bring up a lot of emotions and feelings, ranging from pure joy to anxiety.  However, they are an important part of a well-rounded yoga practice – when practiced safely.  By using a Yoga Swing to get into difficult poses like the Wheel, Camel, and Scorpion, you will be able to reap the all the benefits of backbends, without the fear!

4.  Strengthens the Core

If you are working on strengthening your core, using a Yoga Swing is a great way to strength your abs in a unique and versatile way.  A yoga swing can be used to help build your core and upper body strength through a wide range of movements while providing support along the way.  Many people have a hard time developing their core,  as the exercises and poses that do so are often mundane or downright difficult.  By integrating a Yoga Swing into your practice, you can work on your core in a fun and have fun.

5.  Reduce Low Back Pain

Gravity is a major contributor to low back pain, as your back, hips, and abdominal muscles must all work together constantly to hold you up during while keeping the spine and pelvis in line. Inversion therapy (hanging upside down) has been around for many years, and its gained popularity because of its amazing ability alleviate back pain naturally.

6.  Elevates Your Mood

Hanging upside for just a few minutes can provide numerous health benefits outside of also relieving your back pain.  Inverting yourself sends fresh oxygen to the brain, which in turn can elevate your mood and invigorates you by releasing those “happy” hormones ! Using a Yoga Swing to practice inversions and other postures that add a challenge to your yoga routine is an easy way to increase overall energy levels  and mood – not to mention while getting a great workout at the same time!

7.  Because It’s Fun!

Last but certainly not least, using a Yoga Swing is just plain fun! We all have our routines – but it’s good to step outside the box and do something that adds a little spice to our lives.